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Timber window

Useful information that you should know about wooden casement windows

Windows are the beauty as well as requirement of a house; even a hut has at least one window. A complete interior without a set of windows looks like a hogwash. In modern interior architectural designs and developments special wooden casement set of windows are put on to give a complete and neat look to it.

The application of modern windows:

European countries always love to experiment with their interiors, whether its doors or windows, they love to get along with their interiors by experimenting with casement windows. These windows come in ranges; either they are made of soft protected preservative timber wood system or quality hardwood of your selection.

Different casement designs:

Wooden casement windows come in different designs and styles. Whether it is plain wooden casement, narrow module window casement design, wooden casement with vent, wooden fire escape casement windows, each of them has its own discreet features which you have to order from beforehand.

Casement needs specific sizing:

Casement windows cannot be manufactured without some specific sizing provided to the designer as well as the manufacturer. The minimum frame sizing has to 5mm both in height and weight. Usual appropriate sized wooden casements are of 630mm X 900mm. These windows are fitted with hinges which will not be easily damaged by anything.

Extra features optional:

These windows come with extra concrete sills, glamorous ironmongery colours, and extra ventilator colours, along with a special finishing. These features come with options; if European clients do not include these extra features then wooden casement windows will be served only with a minimum of 158mm nominal sills; making a baseline coat painting with ventilator of dark colours like brown; ironmongery with golden painting, thus giving a gold like effect; weather-strip applied over them as an addition, and the most important thing, but hinges.


Specific compulsory features in optional part:

The compulsory part always comes with extra features, it depends upon the clients whether they want it or not. The well renowned European manufacturers will supply ventilators of renowned brands like sovereign storm stone. Usually, ventilators come in two colour options, white and brown. These casement windows need weather-strip coating to save it from weather changes and thus, protect the paints of these windows. The weather-strip coating comes in white and brown colours. Now clients make the choices.

Services are made available:

Sometimes, it may happen that the sizes of casement windows do not fit into the given area of windows. Then replacement can be possible immediately with prior information. If any part of the wooden casement isn’t fit enough to be fixed, then change of that individual part is possible.

Pricing of discreet parts:

Wood infused casement windows comes with various pricing. The basic or minimum cost of wooden casement windows’ materials is $221 to $261. If clients want better features and options in their windows then the approximate cost will range within $255 to $300. If the client wants the best options for their windows of wooden casement, then the price range will be within $294 to $331.