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Tips to Create a Safe and Shady Area with Commercial Sun Shades

Commercial sun shades are great, not only for protecting your business from adverse weather conditions, but also for maximizing the utility of your space. For example, if you have a patio area outside your store, you could install sun shades to allow customers to relax in hot weather conditions. However, commercial sun shades are a significant investment. You can get these sails in many colors, shapes, designs and they are also available in different types of materials. You can also choose from a wide range of shade sails that are available in the online portals.

How to choose the right commercial sun shades?

  1. Go for quality over price

It is not a wise move to select the cheapest sun shade available out there. While you may save initially by doing that, you could spend a lot more on constantly having to get sun shades installed every couple of years. You can bargain hen you are buying the commercial sun shades, but it is not advisable to go for cheap quality products, as your long-term investment can fall flat, if you go for low quality products.

  1. Go for the right contractor

The material only does not determine if your sun shade will last the test of time. The installation technique is very easy. That’s why, it is important that you select a contractor that has enough experience installing commercial sun shades. An experienced contractor would know what kind of trouble he can run into with a sun shade project.

  1. Pick a budget

While it is important that you select a sun shade of the highest quality possible, it is also important that you earmark a budget for it before you go shopping. There are all kinds of products available. Ideally, you want to pick a product that has the right balance of quality and price.

How to create a safe shaded area?


Once you have picked the right brand in commercial sun shades, it is important that you create a safe shaded area for your establishment. Here are a few tips to ensure that you get that done.

  1. Make sure you will have shade during the peak summer hours

When you are getting your shade installed, make sure you see to it that you get maximum shaded area when the sun is at its most extreme. Some installation companies use CAD drawings to help you determine the best design for sun shade installation. You could always use this technique to pick the right design and place when installing your sun shade.

  1. Use steel posts

It would cost you a little extra, but try going for steel posts when supporting sun shades. Steel is a lot stronger and durable compared to wood. Steel can also withstand extreme weather conditions much better than wood.

  1. Ensure your shade has enough tension

Commercial sun shades are a lot better than PVC in terms of strength. However, you still need to make sure it is taut enough to be stable and safe. If there isn’t enough tension in your shade, you run the risk of the shade falling down during strong winds.

  1. Always hire a professional shade installation service

You will find a lot of DIY videos online on how to install commercial sun shades. However, it is always advised to hire a professional service for installing shades. Professional companies have enough experience dealing with myriad situations to give you the best installation possible. In fact, they can also advise you on what the best brands of sun shades available are, and what design would best suit your requirements.

There is a lot to consider when you buy commercial sun shades as they create a constant positive impression about your commercial establishment.  Most companies will offer pretty good discounts to repeat customers, and customers that need a large shaded area.

Although it is easy to install, there are special shade sail manufacturers offering installation also. If necessary, take help from them. If you want more details about commercial sun shades, then just click here and get the best sun shades for your commercial needs.