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Telltale Signs That You Need a New Roof

The decision to repair or replace your roof isn't one that homeowners take lightly. A new roof can greatly increase the value of your home but can be quite costly to have put on. If your roof has been damaged by the weather or simply needs repairs due to age, putting off the necessary work will only allow the roof to become more damaged and allow the weather to begin to negatively affect your home. The best thing to do in this situation is to reach out to a reputable company and have them do the work required to keep you and your family safe and dry.

Check Your Shingles

One way to tell if your roof needs repair work or to be replaced is to look at the quality of the shingles. If they are cracked or curling up at the edges, then they are not going to keep water out of your attic as well as they would if they were laying flat. If there are a lot of granules that are coming off in your downspout during a rain, that is another great sign that your shingles are old and not going to last much longer.

Chimney Flashing

Most people don't pay attention to the flashing around their chimneys until it starts to leak. During a hard rain, you may hear water dripping down your chimney and landing in your fireplace. Once this occurs, there is usually a lot of damage that has already been done to your roof. You may be able to tar over the area for the short term to keep the water out but the best long-term fix will be a totally new roof.

Water Spots

This is when most homeowners realise that they need a new roof. When water comes in through your roof and drips onto your ceiling, it will dry in a different colour than the paint. These water spots are very obvious and a definite sign that you have problems with your roof. Once your roof has deteriorated enough for these spots to form on your ceiling, then you will probably be looking at ripping off the old roof and installing a brand-new one.

Roof Age

If you know the approximate age of your roof, then you can begin planning ahead for the expense of installing a new one. Most roofs last between 20 and 25 years, depending on the ventilation and how it was installed. Finding a list of recommended roofers in Cornwall will give you the names of some reliable companies that can help you decide if you should repair your roof or need to do a complete replacement.

Don't wait until your roof is allowing water into your home. Mould can quickly grow and compromise the health of your family. The best way to keep your belongings and family members safe is to keep an eye on the condition of your roof and make immediate repairs when necessary.