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Removal Crooks and 5 ways to avoid them

Many people think that they will never get the wool pulled over their eyes or that they’re just too smart to be conned and that it will never happen to them. But rip-offs do happen and that’s why it is best to know how to avoid them and what to be aware of. Let’s have a look at seven ways in which you can detect the real thing or not.

Put“removal scams”, Australia, into a search engine, and see what comes up and maybe you will see stories from not only wide and far, but maybe even closer! You need to be knowledgeableenough to know how not to get ripped off by these dodgy movers, and what the indicators are that should set the alarm bells ringing for an unethical company.

Getting it Right

So as to prevent losing your possessions or hard earned money to crooked unprofessional companies, try following these 5 simple tips:

  1. Get a quote and ensure that it is written down. A trustworthy business will provide you with a written estimate including both the price and the service. Should they tell you over the phone something like the price is ‘just about right,’ be cautious. This just may be an indicator that they might hike up the charge later on without telling you.
  2. Go online and check out the company’s website. The internet has made life so much simpler to check out all kinds of different services. The internet has provided us all with the simple option of seeing just what a company has to offer regarding removalists in Melbourne.
  3. Do the homework and look out for any prior scams. It won’t take long and could save you so much misery later on. Just type in the company’s name with ‘scam’ on the end of your search. This will tell you if there have been any previousmishaps with the company you’re thinking of employ.
  4. If you want to be certain, make sure to leave no question unasked. This will include all questions related to the relocation process, costs, what it’s being spent on, what kind of vehicle is going to be used, and anything else that can think of.Remember, that crooks are not that good with specifics. So, if some of your questions are giving them a little bit of a hard time, then seriously consider using a company that gives you clear and precise answers.
  5. Don’t hand over any money at all without documentation. If any problems pop up later on, you will have your claims all backed up with signed documents. Over the years, there are stories out there of unsound companies asking their customers to even sign blank papers. Just ensure that the company hands you signed documentation that precisely explains all the services, terms and costs, plus has all company details on it.

By using those 5 tips, you should have a smooth move!