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Why Regular Cleaning is Important with Roofing

The roof of a structure should be constructed with longevity in mind, and providing the people who built it knew what they were doing and used quality materials, it should last for many years. However, gravity being what it is, debris can easily be deposited onto a roof, and if it happens during a storm, it could cause some serious damage. Branches, garden furniture, or just about anything could be airborne during a heavy storm, and if such a thing should end up on your roof, who knows what might happen?

  • Roof Properties - If we were to analyse the roles of a roof of any structure, it would be to provide adequate protection against the elements, and also to allow run-off water an avenue of escape that will not damage the building. If, for any reason, those water run off channels, namely the guttering and downpipes, were to be blocked, this would result in an overflow of water, and it has little choice but to run down the exterior walls, which usually results in major damage. Bearing this in mind, if the roof is regularly cleaned, removing any dead leaves or branches, then the likelihood of a blockage is greatly reduced.
  • Guttering - Traditional designs favoured narrow channels, which may have suited aesthetically, but certainly weren’t designed to remove vast amounts of rainwater. Shallow and very wide guttering reduces the risk of blockages, and stainless steel is the ideal material, as it offers a smooth surface and debris has very little to cling to. If you happen to live in Western Australia, there is affordable roof cleaning in Perth performed by one of the leading roofing contractors, who also carry out restoration and reroofing projects for both domestic and commercial clients.
  • Drainage Downpipes - These are typically located at the lowest points on the roof, where the rainwater will be channeled down to the drains underground, but if there is a blockage, it won’t take long before the water will begin to overflow the guttering, and that means water running down the exterior walls (if you are lucky), otherwise you will soon see some damp plaster patches upstairs if it manages to penetrate to the interior. In fact, you are more likely to have a blockage in the vertical downpipes than the guttering, as heavy rain will usually push small debris along and it will fall into the downpipe and at the bottom, will collect with all the other debris that has been washed down.
  • Prevention is Better than Cure – Regular cleaning will ensure that your roof remains in pristine condition, and you will avoid all of the above issues. If you are unable, or unwilling to carry out regular roof inspections, there are online roofing contractors who will happily undertake cleaning contracts.

The roof of your home is a major component that provides total protection, and it can only do that if it is properly inspected, and any repairs are swiftly carried out.