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Reasons to Have a Tree Removed

Whether we live in a residential urban area, or somewhere more rural, we are likely to be surrounded by trees around our property. Many newer properties in Australia are not allowed to be built too close to existing trees, since they create a fire hazard. However, for those of us living in slightly older properties there is likely to be a tree nearby to our home. Here are some reasons you might need to have a tree removed.

  1. Storm Damage

Perth is known to receive some strong storms. It sits in the southwestern corner of the continent of Australia, below the escarpment, and is about the first place inland a storm will hit after travelling the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Just this year a tornado ripped through the north of Perth, damaging 100s of homes, and also surrounding trees. Gusts of more than 110 km/h tore trees out of the ground, and that makes them a hazard to surrounding buildings. Whether a storm has hit your area, or you’re taking preventative measures, tree removal in Perth is a good idea for building safety.

  1. Landscaping

There are times when you want to redesign your front or backyard, or perhaps create a parking bay, or maybe you’re going to extend your home and build an adjoining garage. At these times a tree can be in the way. You can either remove a tree completely, or in some cases have it moved to another part of your property. There are other times when tree removal is important as it eliminates a hazard to power lines, or your roof if the foliage has become too dense at the tree is overgrown.

  1. Diseased or Infected Trees

If tree becomes diseased there are two reasons why it needs to be removed: 1) there is a danger of them falling at any time – particularly the next time a storm passes through, 2) there is a possibility the infected tree might also infect the surrounding vegetation. Some tree diseases can be treated, whilst other infected trees must only be removed.

  1. Rotten Tree

If just one third of the tree trunk is rotted out, this means it should be removed. Again, this presents a risk of falling, so as a preventative measure the tree should be removed for safety reasons.

  1. Uneven Growth

Another risk of falling is a tree that has uneven growth, such as branches growing only on one side. This probably means there is significant root or trunk damage. If they begin to lean they will certainly eventually fall, and so should be removed as a preventative safety measure.

There are several reasons you may need to remove a tree surrounding your home on your property, whether as a preventative measure or after storm damage. If you are changing the look and feel of your home exterior, you may need to have a tree removed. Or else, diseased, rotten, or uneven trees present a risk and so should be removed before they create unnecessary damage.