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How to Properly Refurbish, Refurnish, and Remodel Your Small Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom big enough to accommodate two basins, a bath, a shower, a toilet and with plenty of space for you to stretch out, then good for you! But most of us often have to make do with small bathrooms, cramped spaces where we have to perform our daily hygienic activities. There are ways, however, to deal with your small bathroom and remodel it in such a way that it becomes a more comfortable, brighter and airier space. Here’s how to properly refurbish, refurnish, and remodel your small bathroom.

  • Replace your basin with a smaller one

Nowadays, basins don’t have to be big and unwieldy – there are actually a lot more choices when it comes to the basin for your bathroom, and they can be small and compact. Choose a smaller, more compact bathroom basin in a square or rectangular shape to preserve space.

  • Make use of mirrors

Most bathrooms have a simple vanity over the basin, and that’s it. But if you are planning to remodel and refurbish your small bathroom, why not optimise the reflective properties of mirrors? Mirrors can give your bathroom the illusion of space, making it look larger than it really is. Instead of just having a single mirror over your basin, install mirror panels along an entire wall.

  • Opt for a toilet hung on the wall

Nowadays, you can also choose toilets which are not only smaller and more compact, but sleeker and more practical as well. Wall-hung toilets are all the rage, and rightly so. With a wall-hung toilet, the tank is recessed or hidden, which gives your bathroom more space.

  • Install a frameless shower

If you’re thinking of replacing your shower enclosure, you have another great choice to save precious space – rather than going for a standard shower door and curb to enclose your shower area, install a frameless shower without a curb. With a frameless door design, your shower area will appear bigger, and the illusion of space is maximised.

  • Choose a smaller freestanding bath

If you like your baths and can’t do away with them, there’s good news for you: freestanding baths now come in different sizes and shapes which even a small bathroom can benefit from. You can choose to have a simple soaking bath, such as the ones available from JTSpas, so you can still enjoy your relaxing soak without having to sacrifice too much space.

  • Install shelves

Bathroom storage is often a problem in small bathrooms – but for this, all you have to do is install several shelves on the wall where you can easily store your bathroom toiletries and other necessities. They’re not only practical, but attractive as well.