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Is plumbing a good career?

Plumbing is the trade where in every building work lies in wait. Plumbing breaks down and no one wants to touch it. You would be surprised just how much there is to do in plumbing. Plumber can literally walk down almost any street with skills to sell & with a minimum of tools, knock on doors randomly, and have work all day long.

What are some FAQ about plumbing?

1) How do you change a washer in a tap?

There will be an area of the tap that can be unscrewed. Unscrew the tap, and remove. Underneath you will see a small round plate with a small post attached, replace this with the new washer and reinstall the tap.

2) How does a mixer tap change from cold water to hot water?

They are too water lines that go to the mixer tap, one hot, and one cold. When moving the mixer tap it will adjust the ratio of cold water and hot water that are mixed and come out of the tap.

3) Why does the pipe under my sink and toilet do a loop?

This is because when the water goes down the sink it goes into the sewer. The loop is there to trap the water in the pipe, so the bad smell from the sewer does not come back up.

4) What is PVC, and when is it used?

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride usually used for waste, i.e. sewer lines.

5) What is HDPE, and when is it used?

Stands for High-Density Polyethylene, generally used for trade waste lines, i.e. waste lines that may carry grease, like in a kitchen. This is because HDPE is durable, has a high temperature range, and is chemical resistant

6) When is copper piping used?

Generally used for carrying water, however this material is becoming increasing more expensive, so many plumbers are now changing to PEX or XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

7) How do you connect each pipe, and make sure it does not come loose?

PVC - Using plumbers glue.

HDPE - Generally using a method called ‘heat fusion’, where both pipes to be connected are heated at the same time, and pressed together.

Copper - Welded together with a solder.

8) Why do plumbers put nylon tape on a thread before they put the fitting on?

This is to fill any gaps that may still be inside the tap after it has been screwed on

9) Why do plumbers measure levels with an invert level?

The invert level is taken from the inside of the pipe on the bottom.

It is used so the slope of the pipe can be measured correctly, as opposed to using the outside of the pipe, where different sized pipes have been used.

Plumbing services in Toronto?

It depends on the quality of the plumbing service you are looking for. Plumbing services can be categorized as commercial and residential and price varies. Local plumbing contractors are the best and you can visit the websites of the plumbing contractor in Toronto region with Google search of Toronto plumbing. Look at rates as well.