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Why You Need a Chimney Sweep

Any homeowner who has a chimney should have the name of a great chimney sweep and be using them for regular service. While this may seem to be one task that you can ignore as long as you are careful, not having your chimney cleaned regularly can cause a lot of problems, no matter what kind of fireplace you have. All chimneys need to be cleaned on a regular basis and hiring a quality professional to complete this work is the only way to ensure that it is done correctly and your home is as safe as possible.

Save Money on Heating Costs

If your heating system is clean, then it will be able to operate efficiently and this will save you money. A system that has deposits in the chimney, stove, or connector will actually reduce the heat that is transferred and in turn lower the efficiency of the system. If your system isn’t operating efficiently, then you will have to spend more money on fuel to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Lower the Risk of Fires

Nobody wants a fire in his or her home but every time you burn in your wood stove or fireplace, you run the risk of a fire. Smoke from the fire contains small bits of unburned carbon from the firewood and this forms on the inside of your flue. Over time, this can build up into large deposits of unburned materials that can easily ignite. If this catches fire, then it can send flaming balls up your chimney to land on your roof, yard, or neighbour. Regular chimney cleaning will keep these deposits from building up and causing a fire.

Prevent Pollution

If your chimney or heating device isn’t clean, then it won’t be able to operate efficiently and this will lead to more smoke and pollution. Many areas have problems with pollution and one of the best ways to decrease the pollution in an area is to have a reputable company such asMilborrow Chimney Sweeps come in and clean your chimney. Regularly cleaned chimneys will release far fewer pollutants into the air than will their dirtier counterparts.

Finding Help

It can be tricky to find a great chimney sweep in your area but one way to look for one is to ask local friends and family members for recommendations. They may be able to offer you the name of someone who has a good reputation and who is certified.

Don’t let another winter come and go without having your chimney cleaned. Not only will it be better for the environment but you will keep your home, family, and neighbours safe. A chimney fire is devastating and can cause a lot of damage very quickly but keeping your chimney clean will reduce this risk.