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How to Make your Bathroom Renovation Cost-effective

A job like this will come round once every few years for every homeowner: replacing your bathroom fittings and furniture. Bathrooms are utility rooms in any home, and mustn’t be neglected when it comes to the design. Older bathrooms look out-dated and can let down the overall décor of a home. Fortunately, replacing your bathroom suite and other jobs such as retiling needn’t be too expensive these days. Here are some top tips to consider before your renovate.

Appropriate Budget

As a rule of thumb, you should keep your budget for renovating your bathroom to 10% of the value of your home for a master bedroom, or just 5% for any smaller bathrooms. You are likely to be able to renovate for much less, however, it just depends greatly on how much you’re willing to spend. Some bathroom renovations cost much more because they involve a complete remodelling, which will have functional value, other renovations can be done for much less if you are simply going to replace some of the fittings but leave all the plumbing in place.

Worthwhile Things to Spend Your Money On

If you are renovating your bathroom, this could be the first time in a long time. It is also unlikely you’ll be refurbishing the space for a very long time after that. So if you’re going to make the effort, you may as well splash out on a few bathroom supplies. Adding dual sinks in the master bedroom may be worthwhile as there is great utility in that – no more queuing. It also has a big visual impression and adds value onto the resale of your home. If you have space, consider separating the shower from the bath, if it hasn’t been done before. Hot water showers in a dedicated cubicle are much more efficient, and again, this will add value onto your home for any prospective buyers in the future. Something else to consider is adding an additional toilet room, which is separated from the bathroom. Often homeowners split the bathroom between the toilet room and washroom if they have the space, as it adds more convenience.

Not Worthwhile Spending Your Money On

When it comes to refitting your bathroom, you should avoid redesigning the layout so as to keep the pipes intact. Any money you spend on splurges such as double-sink or more expensive tiles can be saved by keeping all the bathroom suite fittings in place. If you prefer to remodel your bathroom, then it will cost a lot more to move all the water supply and waste lines into the correct place. This can cost even more on bathrooms further up the house, as the plumbing gets more complicated. Often moving plumbing around in a bathroom costs just as much as moving it to another room. So, you should consider carefully how much you want and need to remodel your bathroom.

Renovating your Bathroom the Smart Way

There are cost effective methods to renovating your bathroom that mean you don’t need to spend too much. Firstly, only consider a maximum of 10% of the value of your home for a master bathroom, and 5% for a smaller bathroom. You should be able to renovate your bathroom for less though. Whilst it is worth spending extra money on some things, you can save in other areas. You might want to consider on splurging on double-basins, a separate shower cubicle, even a separate toilet room. But you can save money by keeping all the plumbing in place, and only changing the fittings.