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Inspiration for Your Garden

We are now approaching that time of the year where the winter months have come to an end and we can start thinking once again about being able to use our gardens as a place to utilise and enjoy ourselves! If you have now got to the stage where you can’t wait to throw the gloves back on, get the paint& brush out and remove the covers off your furniture, then take a look at some of the top garden trends that will help inspire you as we approach the warmer months of the year.

Usethe Same Shades

For the vast majority of home owners, not all of us are hugely experienced when it comes to gardening. This could be for a variety of reasons, but maybe you’ve just purchased your first home and you don’t have the greatest knowledge about where you should start?If you happen to be in this position, then one of the best options for you will be to try and not go over-the-top with colours you use in your garden. Ideally, you should try and stick to the same 2 or 3 shades. This doesn’t mean that you should make your garden look boring, as you can still keep it looking modern and trendy if you simply use plants with warm colours such as purple or dark red.

Bring Inside, Outside

If you have a patio area, it is always a great option to create a living space in your outdoor area when you are wanting to try and get more out of your garden.You can do this in a variety of different ways too, which can be by getting some lights or candles, but the best option will to get yourself an outdoor furniture set. Another option can be to get some tables and additional chairs to go along with the furniture set, and whether you’re getting rattan furniture in Manchester or London, you will certainly have a great area to spend some time in the summer months.

Get Inventive with The Structure

If you have a garden which is large and is very long in length, then a great idea can be to install some fake divisions in the form of a wall or by digging in slightly which implies that the garden has more depth. The aim should be to try and design your garden in a way which allows you to see the natural flow and eye lines of the garden, as this gives the impression that the garden weaves and winds around (rather just being one straight long line) which also makes it seem as though the garden is larger than it actually is.