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Indoor Versus Outdoor TV Antennas

Installing a new TV antenna has many benefits, even if you already have cable and satellite TV at home it can still assist you in a variety of ways. In the past, homeowners simply went out, bought a TV set and placed an aerial on top, then they waited to receive a signal which was usually of poor quality and very faint. With the emergence of digital television, everything has changed.

Understanding a TV Antenna

The quality of the signal you receive depends on numerous factors, there is not an easy way to obtain quality reception. The main factor which determines the quality of the picture you receive is the distance between the TV transmitter and your home, if you live close to the source, you get great reception, similarly, if you’re situated a good distance away, the signal weakens and you get a lower quality signal.

Furthermore, the height of the signal tower, the direction in which its facing, and the topography of the land where your home is located all impact upon your signal quality. Another factor is the condition of your antenna, a new model will pick up clearer signals, while an older product will struggle to obtain a strong signal. One last thing to consider is the kind of buildings your home is surrounded by, any sizeable structure which is placed between your home and the transmitter tower will affect signal quality.

Outdoor TV Antennas

Outdoor TV antennas are generally installed on the roof of your home as this is the best location in which to receive high quality signals. If you contact a professional antenna installation company they will be able to correctly set a top of the range antenna onto your roof, this will give you the best chance of receiving a strong signal from your nearest transmitting tower. Alternatively, if it is impossible to install an antenna on the roof, it can be connected to the side of your property, or on a balcony.

Indoor TV Antennas

If your home is situated within a few kilometres of a transmitting tower, then you should be able to receive good reception as long as there are no large obstacles blocking the signal. Indoor antennas were designed to be mounted on top of your television set to pick up signals for your TV. The best area to set them is by a window which is facing towards the nearest transmitting tower.

Which one should to choose?

An outdoor antenna is a far better choice when it comes to purchasing either an indoor or outdoor model. For example, if you’re currently using an indoor model and you’re having TV reception problems in Cairns, the quickest way to resolve this issue is to contact your local antenna specialists, get rid of the indoor antenna and immediately install an outdoor unit.

If you want high-quality TV reception and crystal-clear images on your TV set, contact a professional installation company, and inquire about special rates and services today. It is advisable to opt for an outdoor antenna as it will provide you with a greater chance of receiving excellent signal quality.