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How Aromatherapy Enhances Your Steam Shower Experience

By using the natural essence of oils produced by plants, your steam shower can be turned into a means for helping you relieve physical and mental stress. Aromatherapy helps you to manage the way that your body feels, especially in combination with healthy steam that works to diffuse the aromas throughout the shower itself. Let’s look at some of the fragrances you can use in your steam shower and how they can impact your overall showering experience.


Many of today’s modern shower cabins have features that allow you to deposit healing oils into an aromatherapy unit integrated into the cabin’s structure. Lavender, when included in your shower ritual, can help to relieve the anxiety and stress that you might feel at the end of the day. Its odour calms your mind and boosts your immune system so that you can ward off illnesses.

Lemon Oil

In addition to also decreasing your stress levels, lemon oil improves your concentration, enhances your awareness, improves your mood, and increases your level of energy. Using lemon oil in a steam shower just before bedtime helps to alleviate any symptoms of insomnia you might be experiencing. Your body will be more relaxed and you’ll experience a deeper and more refreshing sleep. As with all aromatic oils, make sure that you place the oil correctly into the unit for the best effect. If you have questions, the professionals at can guide you regarding the proper way to use this attractive feature in modern steam shower cabins.


Using peppermint in your shower cabin can improve your mood, and it’s the ideal aroma for you if you are anxious, depressed, or having stomach problems. It’s also an excellent decongestant should you have asthma, a cold, or symptoms of the flu.


Using allspice oil in your shower will give you an aroma that is a combination of cloves, cinnamon and allspice berries. It can help with arthritis, stiffness and rheumatism, and nausea. Using this fragrance also helps depression, coughing and bronchitis, and nervous tension. Use this oil sparingly since it works better in small quantities. It’s an excellent choice for men because of its masculine blend.


This oil is excellent to use in your steam shower if you have a fever, poor circulation, or sinusitis. It can help to heal cold sores, alleviate colds and coughing, and will make you feel much better if you have the flu. Its fresh, earthy aroma helps to open up your sinus passages and will assist with any breathing problems that you may have. Be sure to read the instructions to see if this oil is appropriate to use with small children while showering. Sometimes this oil can impact the breathing of children less than ten years of age.

Sweet Orange Oil

Especially during the holidays, this oil will give you a festive feeling. Its uplifting aroma helps to alleviate mouth and gum problems, improves your digestion, and also helps to reduce stress. It’s an excellent aroma to permeate throughout your home.