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A Homeowner’s Guide to Safe Tree Removal

We all have trees in our garden, and let’s face it, the surrounding area of a home wouldn’t feel right without a few carefully selected trees, which not only provide essential shading, they also add colour, depth and contrast to the garden. Small trees are relatively easy to care for, and with the right amount of pruning, should grow as you intend. Larger trees, however, are a different thing altogether, and if you have no experience in removing a large tree, it is not worth the risk to tackle it yourself. A large percentage of gardening accidents happen during tree removal, and more often than not, it is the homeowner who is injured.

Sourcing an Arborist

Also referred to as a tree surgeon, the arborist has studied all aspects of tree care, and is the only person equipped to remove a large tree. When you consider that some trees weigh as much as 40 tonnes, and removing that amount of wood safely is most definitely a skill that only an arborist possesses. If you happen to live in Western Australia, and are looking for Perth tree removal, there are online arborists who can tackle any job, and with stump grinding, the entire tree will be safely removed, allowing you to further develop that area of the garden.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

Every tree surgeon should have adequate PLI cover, in case something goes wrong, and even with the most experienced tree surgeons, things can quickly take a turn for the worse. If you consider the potential damage that a large tree might cause if it were to fall onto the side of the house, or worse, if it fell onto a neighbour’s roof, then having a fully insured company to remove it makes perfect sense.

Stump Grinding

Technology has brought us many innovative devices that save time and energy, and a stump grinder is a classic example of how to reduce a backbreaking job to a few minutes of machine application, and the machine can grind the stump down to the depth of one metre, which effectively kills off the roots. All that remains are some woodchips, which can be spread on the rose borders to prevent weed growth, and the area can be built on, or incorporated into your new garden layout.

Straightforward Tree Felling

On rare occasions, the situation allows the tree surgeon to fell the tree with a single cut, although he might need to lop some branches to change the weight distribution. The only time a tree surgeon will use this method is if there are no structures nearby that might be damaged, and he would also have to take into consideration the damage a large tree trunk could do to a lawn. If he felt the damage would be severe, then the best solution would be to start at the top and remove the tree section by section, using pulleys and rope to lower them down.

Tree removal is specialist work and for that reason, you should always call in a professional arborist, and ask for his opinion.