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A Guide to Domestic Pest Control

If you are living in the UK, there is a range of pests that can attack your home at any time, and whether it is an insect or rodent infestation, you will need some professional help to eliminate the problem. The damage that pest can cause in a property depends on how long the problem remains untreated, and the type of pest involved, but it is always recommended to be aware of the tell-tale signs that usually accompany a pest problem.

Rodent Occupation

Rats and mice are some of the most prolific breeders on the planet, and should a family decide to move into your home, things will escalate quickly. Rats reach sexual maturity at around 6 weeks, and with 3 or more to each litter, they aren’t far behind rabbits in the reproduction stakes, and with mice not far behind, you need to call in the experts before the problem escalates. If you live in Kent, there is affordable and efficient domestic pest control in Romford, and whatever the issue, they have the experience to rid your home of any pests.

Fleas and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are far more common than most would people would think, and their presence is no indication of a dirty house, but they do prefer humidity and dampness. They do bite at nights and if you notice small groups of red dots on your skin in the morning, this is a sign of bed bugs. Contact a reputable pest control company who will eliminate the pests using a water based insecticide, and all of the bedding will need to be washed at a hot temperature to make sure there are no survivors. Fleas are typically brought into the home on the dog or cat and once they find a comfy area in the home, they will remain and expand their presence. It isn’t enough to have your pets treated, as the insects have already established a colony somewhere in the home and only use your pets for transportation. The most effective treatment is a water based insecticide, which should not be vacuumed or washed for at least 2 weeks, to ensure you have completely eliminated all of the fleas.

Bird Proofing

Winged creatures of all kinds will often use a structure to nest in, and as beautiful as birds are, they can create quite a mess if they set up home in your eaves. Bird proofing ensures they will opt for the nearby trees, and for a small investment, your home will not be a desirable residence for the local bird population anymore. Pigeons and gulls can be a real problem, and that’s the time to contact a pest control company, who would come in and view the problem firsthand, then discuss your options and once you have made a decision, they would set a date for the work to begin. There are effective ways to deter these species from even landing on your roof or walls, and with anti-perching devices, any surface can be made bird proof.

Modern pest control companies would be fully versed in the many methods used to eliminate a range of creatures, and by using a local company, the team will be familiar with all types of pest in the region.