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Guarding Your Home Against Dust Mites

It should come as no surprise that dust mite allergy happens to be one of the worst things to wake up to. Nothing ruins a good morning after good night’s sleep than to have a headache, a runny nose and even a slight asthma attack. The good news though, is that this type of allergy is very easily prevented and you will soon be able to go back to having allergy-free days.

Is This An Attack?

While allergy to remove dust mites can exhibit the same symptoms as the common cold, it is actually very easy to identify if you have a problem with them or not. Nobody gets the common cold every morning upon waking up and then disappears when you have taken some medicine or have left the house. The problem with them is that they can live in the tiniest of spaces and it doesn’t help the fact that their primary source of food is the cells our body sheds every night. That’s why you need to perform some dust mite testing first.

Keep Your Bed And Linens Clean!

The greatest method of dust mite control that helps to rid yourself of the allergy that it comes with, is to regularly wash your bed sheets and covers in hot water as often as one a week or once every two weeks. The hot water will be at a temperature that is deadly to the dust mites and when exposed, will kill them instantly.

Take note that you may not be able to get rid of all the ones that are living in your bed sheets or mattress even after the first wash as they are sometimes very hard to kill. Just remember to regularly wash your bed linen and mattress and you should be fine.

Get Bed Covers

The one way that dust mites are getting to your skin cells is that when the cells are shed from the skin, they actually fall in between the pores of the material on the bed sheet and into the mattress. The one way to prevent this from happening is to buy dust mite proof mattress covers that prevent the them from getting to their food source. Eventually they will all die out on their own.

A Place You Might Not Have Noticed Is A Nest

This depends on how heavily infested the mites are in your house. In most cases, simple preventive action will be sufficient but for more extreme cases, you may have to consider switching out your pillows or even your mattress every 6 months to a year or so.