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Five Tips for Relocating Business Offices

When relocating a business, it is important to prevent disruptions to the daily operations. Your company’s clients still need to be serviced and your employees still need to work, but by collaborating with removalists, a plan can be made for moving and keeping your business running. Here are five tips for moving a company as efficiently as possible.

Get Onsite Estimates

Instead of contacting removal companies online and getting estimates for moving the company’s offices, have them visit the current location to get an onsite estimate. The removalists need to be aware of everything you’ll want moved so they have the right supplies and equipment with them on moving day. An onsite survey will provide them with a more accurate idea of how much labour and equipment will be needed and the estimate will be accurate as well.

Listen to Advice

When surveying the current offices, many removalists in Sydney will give tips and advice about what needs to be packed and what doesn’t for moving day. Many file cabinets can be moved while full but others may need the top drawers emptied to prevent damage to them. They can also instruct the IT department about preparing computers and other equipment for moving so no data is lost when they are moved between offices.

Create Floor Plan

It is important to work with your staff and the removal company to create a floor plan to make the move more efficient. It should show where each file cabinet, each workstation, and each piece of equipment is to be placed. It should outline where each department is located and where each team member sits. Once the floor plan has been finalised, the removal company should have a copy of it to put everything into place, which will help the move go quicker.

Move on Weekend

Since most companies are not open on Saturdays and Sundays, those are the perfect days for removalists to move everything from the old to the new location. Moving on the weekend prevents too much disruption to business as setting up the phone lines and computers can be a priority so they are ready for work on Monday morning. If a weekend won’t work, move the offices on a holiday or a slower business day to avoid too much disruption to business operations.

Set Deadlines

When you inform the staff about the relocation, set firm dates for when their personal items need to be packed and removed from their work areas. Also, have them number their monitors, CPUs, and any other equipment belonging on their workstations. Those numbers should coincide with the number of their workstation on the floor plan. They should also bag the cords, keyboard, mouse, and cables and label them with the same number so the removalists know which workstations everything should be placed on.

These tips will help get everything moved quickly because the removalists will know exactly where everything should be placed. Make sure to confirm the plans with the removal company so no time is wasted on moving day.