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Different Kinds of Garage Doors in Australia

There are various kinds of garage doors in Australia and they are usually distinctive from one another in two ways: the materials from which they are manufactured and how they open. Most Australians are accustomed to the overhead type garage doors, but there are other kinds such as horizontal sliding doors and bi-fold doors. The most common materials for such doors include steel, wood and vinyl.


Because of its ease of use, this is the most standard and popular kind of garage door in Australia. The doors of this kind work on a track that lift the door above the opening. The door moves from a closed vertical position to a horizontal position inside of the garage and over the garage floor after opening. If you are looking for roller door repairs in Perth, use reliable experts that you can trust and with the experience to match.


Sliding garage doors are akin to the overhead type door in that they also rely on a track. But, this type remains in a vertical position and slides away from the opening and down the side of the garage wall. People utilising this type of door will need extra space on at least one side.


The bi-fold garage door acts by folding in half while being opened. There is a track fitted at the top and the bottom of the opening. The door is hinged and secured to the outside wall and hinged in the centre which lets it fold. Some bi-fold doors use no bottom track and alternatively use a floor bracket that holds the door in place when closed.



Almost every garage door is made from good old fashioned steel, from a residential garage to a commercial garage, this material is durable and more cost effective than many others.They also come in a texture to look like wood so as to give a slightly classier look in a residential setting. In most occasions, commercial doors are very simple in appearance, though there are some which may have windows fitted to let in natural light, as is the case where any work activity may be going on inside.


Wooden garage doors are another option for people who prefer the classic retro look. Wood will naturally happen to rot or warp over the years, although it can be treated and give it some extra longevity. Despite the benefits of steel, wood is still pretty popular with some people.


Vinyl is yet another opportunity for garage doors. Vinyl companies reckon it has a few extra benefits over wood and steel. These include dent resistance and colours that do not peel or fade. Some vinyl doors are known to turnyellow over time, so nowadays they are manufactured with a special coating that prevents this from happening.

Whatever door you prefer, ensure it’s one that you feel really good about, and get it sorted by a professional.