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Decorate your dental office better now!

Have you ever stood in your place of work – especially as the owner – and thought: I can do better than this? It’s a difficult thing to accept because often a huge amount of hard work has gone into creating the ambience and the interior décor of a business premises, but that does not always meant that you got it right first time – and if you did this many years ago, it could be that styles and tastes have changed so much that you simply aren’t fashionable anymore. The number of people that beg us for their advice when it comes to business locations is unbelievable, but the trouble is that because absolutely every single place of work is different, it’s hard to give advice that is particularly specific. That is why we wanted to write this little blog article, so that those who specifically work in the dental area can benefit from our years of experience in the decoration industry.

For a start, you need to think about the reason why people are coming to you. They may need a filling, or a dental bridge, or braces, or a tooth pulled out. None of the reasons why a person goes to the dentist is a good reason, and that means that almost all patients who go to a dentist are going to be stressed, nervous, and potentially in quite a bit of pain. That is the state that the people who are going to see your area are going to be in, and so when you start to make decorating decisions for that space, you need to consider how you are going to combat those negative feelings.

One way to do that is to ensure that you keep as many aspects of the design of your dental office as positive as possible. That means that paintings or photographs on the walls should be positive with healthy and impressive messages, rather than sad or depressing outlooks. Any music that you decide to play should be upbeat and happy, not slow and overpowering in their mood. You should also consider whether the colors that you have chosen for the interior décor are going to be positive and happy colors; something that can always feel very subjective, because everyone has their own favorite color that makes them happy and feel better about themselves. If in doubt, go for yellow; scientists have proven that it has a real and very physical impact on the brain, and releases endorphins which are the happy hormones!

Having plant life around your dental office, both in the waiting room and in any consultation rooms, will not only naturally lift the mood of anyone who sees them, but will also remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with healthy oxygen. This is exactly what you need in order to keep your patients feeling upbeat as much as possible, and strangely enough scientific trials have demonstrated that even false flowers and fake plants can have a similar effect on people, especially if they do not realize that the plants are fake. That way, you do not have to worry about any of your staff or patients who may have allergies.

These are all very simple changes that you could make to your dental office within a few days, and so the question really is: why don’t people do it more often? Well, just like getting a new carpet fitted, many people consider the job to be more complicated and time consuming than it actually is, and so they put it off for years – when in fact, it would just take one short weekend to get it all done!