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Containing Duct On Your Projects

Dust can be a real pain in the rear; it is so much that some people refrain from upgrading their homes just because of the huge mess dust creates. While some projects may not create a lot of dust (like installing window blinds), if you are sawing planks, sanding hardwood or scrapping off that ugly popcorn ceiling, you are going to make a mess. This is dirty but also dangerous if it makes its way to your lungs but fortunately, there are some ways to contain it.

First of all, be tidy. This is quite obvious but it is not always observed. Remember it is better to be tidy and take more time to do things than the opposite because, in the end, you will have to clean less. Seriously, sometimes you don’t need to make such a mess. If you are hiring somebody for the job, make sure he or she is tidy.

Wear a dust mask at all times when you are working in a dusty area. A regular dust mask is inexpensive and it is just a filter to cover your nose and mouth so you don’t breathe dust. If you are working with more dangerous products like epoxy or painting, you should consider using a mask with a respirator.

If you are making the whole mess in a room, try to place a fan in the window facing outwards so it will pull a large amount of dust out of your home. Beware when you do this not to face it inwards and create an even bigger mess than you fixed.

Obviously, the best way is to keep the dusty work outside, but this is not always possible. If you must conduct sanding or sawing indoors, create a dusty area and a dust barrier so it won’t make its way out. A good way is to keep the entire dusty job in one room and prepare it for the task by covering the floor with a tarp or cloth. If it is too large, overlap them at least five inches and then take the seams with duct tape and use blue painter’s tape to seal it against the walls. Seal up everything but one entrance by hanging a heavy plastic sheet and sealing all sides and create a plastic skirt. If it has a window out, you can use the fan on it and by no means turn the HVAC or air conditioner in that room to prevent the system to circulate dust all around your home.

Wear disposable booties when you are working in the dusty area. It is quite a pain to slip off your boots every time you are going in and out of the dusty area but using disposable booties is a very cheap and easy way to keep your feet out of the dust. If you walk with your boots in the dusty area and then you go around the house, you are spreading it all over the place.