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A Complete Guide to Home Security

If you live in the UK, you will already be aware of the soaring crime figures, and with the modern business premises well protected, the number of domestic burglaries is on the rise. Before we begin, let’s analyse the typical house breaker, who is an opportunist thief and always looks for easy access to an unoccupied building. We are not talking about a professional criminal who plays for high stakes, yet the domestic burglar is very adaptable, and with that in mind, here are some important points to consider when thinking home security.

Doors and Windows

These are the only access points to any structure, and if they are always locked when the house is empty, you have a very good system in place. Of course, your locks would need to be of an adequate standard, and if you are unsure about such matters, your local locksmith would soon tell you. If your home is located in the Midlands, All Masons Locksmiths are the people to talk to, and with their expertise and a free home security assessment, your home will very soon be scratched off the list of unprotected homes, narrowing the burglar’s field a little.

Video Surveillance

This has some great deterrent value, especially if the cameras are prominently displayed, and while early systems were costly and unreliable, modern CCTV is both effective and affordable. The type and size of the system would depend on the property, and with a large residence, 7 or 8 cameras would probably cover the entire perimeter, and with night vision and high resolution, this is a very effective deterrent to any intruder.

Security Alarms

Of course, there are many makes and models, and most work with infrared motion detectors, but in all honesty, if you have good locks on your windows and doors, and adopt best practices, there really isn’t a need, unless you have the crown jewels under the bed, that is. If you are going to add a layer of security, it is a choice between CCTV and an alarm system, and both have their advantages, and it very much depends on the customer’s preference.

Beware of the Dog

As silly as it might sound, a small investment to buy a “Beware of the Dog” sign, preferably with a snarling pit bull or similar breed, and after you’ve fixed that to your gate, put a couple of dog bowls in prominent positions, as this will confirm the presence of an animal, and that is more than enough to deter any burglar. You may already have a dog as a family pet, which makes the sign even more important, as if your dog bites an intruder, you are not liable, although it isn’t clear whether this includes the postmen or the milkman.

Good practices are the key, as open windows and doors are an open invitation, and in the absence of such an invite, any thief will evaluate the visual representation of the property in question, and if there’s anything difficult, they will simply look for an unprotected home, and there are plenty of such dwellings.