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9 Simple Tips to Improve a Room with Lighting

It’s one of the simplest tricks you can use when you want to truly transform your home. It makes such a big difference to ambience and look, it’s surprising that more people don’t do this right now. The trick is to look carefully at your lighting. Great lighting makes a huge difference in a room. If your home is looking a little gloomy, check out these nine easy ways to make a brighter difference.

  1. Always Add a Dimmer

Especially in the living room or bedroom, a dimmer switch is essential so you can change the brightness of the overhead lighting and, automatically, the whole mood of the room. Bright and lively for the morning, relaxed and subdued for the evening.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Large

Small table lamps are good for adding light to corners of the room but sometimes it takes a large, dramatic floor lamp or a spreading chandelier to provide a focal point in the room. Works best in larger rooms where the lighting fixture doesn’t overpower the space.

  1. Get the Right Shade

Choose the best kind of shade for your overhead lights or your lamps. Coloured lamp shades give a warmer glow that makes the space cosier, while white shades are brighter and allow more light to pass through.

  1. Add Enough Lights

A lighting scheme in the room works best when you have at least three sources of illumination – overhead lighting, table or task lighting (side lamps or working lamps), and decorative lighting (ambient lighting like candles or sconces) from a source like

  1. Illuminate Dark Corners

Those missed and dark corners of the home turn into usable spaces when lit correctly. A cupboard is more functional, kitchen counters easier to work on, and shelves more decorative when they are well-lit.

  1. Use Reflective Surfaces

In dark rooms with little natural light, add mirrors and accessories with glossy finishes to bounce light into all corners.

  1. Always Add Candles

At night, nothing improves the ambience and sets a relaxed mood like candles. Choose your favourite scented candles or simple tea lights in jars.

  1. Create the Unexpected

You don’t have to stick to the traditional types of lighting for each room. You could hang a chandelier in the master bathroom, or add industrial-style pendant lamps in the kitchen. You create a dramatic impression.

  1. Clean you’re Windows

It’s the simplest way to make your room lighter and brighter, and to help all your fittings and features stand out. Keep your windows clean to let in that precious natural light.