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5 Machining Tips for Beginners

Machining is a necessity for some and a passion for many. It is an opportunity to express your creativity as well as make a living. These five tips may help.

Think big

You can make small parts on a large lathe but the reverse doesn’t work, so don’t be afraid to invest in big equipment. The more you are able to do, the more you will enjoy it and the more successful you can be. Remember too that equipment is an investment, not an overhead. Equipment lasts a long time and has a good resale value.

Know your resources

The internet, especially YouTube, is fantastic for quickly finding how to do things. However, some machining has to be conducted on-site or in the field far from an internet connection. A couple of reference books are a sensible addition to any toolbox. A lighter alternative is to keep them in a digital format on an iPad. You need never be without your reference library, and some you can download free of charge.

Have fun!

Machining is satisfying work. If it isn’t working for you there are probably other things you should be doing. Work is always more enjoyable when you plan it and measure your own progress. Also sharing makes everything more fun - so as you learn and have good ideas, contribute them to friends and colleagues either directly or in online forums (such as