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5 Cleaning Hacks Everyone Needs to Know 

Cleaning may not be your favorite chore to perform, but it will certainly be necessary. No matter the size of your house or how busy your schedule, it is imperative that you keep your house clean. Having a clean home can help you concentrate and it can increase your quality of life. If you have spent a lot of money with the help of you should want to keep your major investment neat. Cleaning, however, does not have to be a hard job. Here are five cleaning hacks that you need to know.

  1. Use daily shower spray

Showers are the most difficult piece of the home to scrub. If you tend to spend more time scrubbing the tub and shower walls than anything else, you should begin to use daily shower spray. Use non scrub spray that can counteract mildew and mold on showers. Spraying down the shower for 30 seconds every day can help save you half an hour in scrubbing the tub and shower walls each week.

  1. Line the refrigerator

One of the places in the home that is most annoying to clean is the refrigerator. Cleaning duty for the fridge means that you have to take out all of the food and condiments, wipe down the refrigerator, then put everything back. Instead of having to do this, you can line the refrigerator with cling wrap. This clear wrap will not disturb the look of the refrigerator and it means that cleaning simply means removing the layer of wrap and replacing it with another.

  1. Use air duster spray to clean vents

Vents are often forgotten, so when you do get around to cleaning them, they may be extra dirty. Instead of trying to clean out vents with a wipe, spray air duster into the vents. This will help to remove the lint without any heavy duty scrubbing. This is the same cleaner that is used on keyboards and computers, so it can be used for two cleaning purposes.

  1. Sanitize using the dishwasher

If you need to clean or sanitize anything, the best place to do this is the dishwasher. Everything from hats, to makeup brushes, to toys can be washed and sanitized in the dishwasher. The best part is you can just set and forget instead of soaking and scrubbing. Dishwashers are also self-cleaning, saving you the time of scrubbing the sink or tub later on.

  1. Use shoe racks for closet storage

Hanging shoe racks may not be something you find attractive for your shoes, but they are a good way to hold your cleaning products, paper towels, and other objects in your storage closets. Keeping your cleaning supplies stored in the different pockets of the storage packs can keep them off of the floor and it can keep them at eye level and ready to grab. Keeping all cleaning supplies sectioned in one closet will also save valuable space all over the home.