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4 Reasons Your Home Decor Is Incomplete Without A Portrait

Art (paintings in particular) has long been hailed as one of the most effective ways to communicate many emotions in the most non-verbally descriptive way. Some experts even claim that art is therapeutic.

One of the most commercially available and acceptable forms of art in today’s society is portrait painting. Personally, I just love portraits, whether it is one of me or not is irrelevant, if it is a portrait, I love it. I love portraits so much that I believe they should be hanging in every home. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Portraits tell your story better than you

Edward Hopper once said, “If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint”. Now this is not to cast any doubt on your story telling ability, but you have to admit, portraits can convey a message in ways that we may never think to verbalize.

Put up a few choice portraits in your house – preferably in the living room or hallway – that tell tidbits of your life’s journey. Whether it is family portraits, baby portraits, or just one of you, portraits are a great way to remind yourself of the incredible journey you and your family have had.

  1. Portraits are a great conversation starter

Many people have, at one point or the other, found themselves in situations where they are obliged to talk to a stranger and cannot seem to think of anything to say. It is even worse if the person you are with is just as uncertain as you are.

Maybe your daughter brought her boyfriend home for the first time, if there is a family portrait on the mantle or on the wall, you may just have saved yourself from an awkward situation. Portraits are a perfect icebreaker and you should use them whenever necessary to start conversations.

  1. Portraits add character to your home

Architecturally speaking, having a portrait up on the wall is a good design tip that everyone should incorporate. It is simple logic. What would you rather have in your home, a beautifully laid out storyboard of portraits or a blank wall screaming for some love and attention?

A blank wall speaks to your lack of creativity and imagination. I have met people who believe that it is a sign that a person is dull, uninteresting and uninviting. You do not want to belong to that category.

Hang your portraits on your wall in a sequential and organized fashion. It helps also to paint the wall in a bright shade or to give it a textured finish to draw more attention to it. Your portraits will definitely stand out on such a background.

  1. Portraits are timeless

I love portraits because they tell my story, I love them even more because they will continue to tell that story to preceding generations even after I am long gone. Portraits are timeless and are one of the best ways to keep the story of our brief sojourn on earth evergreen in the minds of our future generations.

You will realize how important it is when your grandkid’s faces light up when they see an old portrait of you and your kids (their parents) hanging on the wall. It will help keep them connected to their heritage and journey as a family and will your memory almost literally fresh in their minds.